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San Jose calf, pectoral & buttock implants
Dr. Zachariah specializes in Calf Implants, Buttock Implants and Pectoral Implants for San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Gatos, and San Francisco residents.

Advances in cosmetic surgery make it possible for patients to quickly and easily alter aspects of their appearance they never thought they could change.  Muscle implants, for instance, are among the most requested procedures.

Many athletes such as bodybuilders work hard to bulk up their bodies but have a problem developing calf and pectoral muscles.  With surgery, implants of soft, pliable plastic are placed into pockets underneath the patient's own muscle or muscle covering, called fascia, to give the patient the appearance of a well toned body.

Not only athletes are asking for the implants.  Many women desire well-shaped calf muscles or shapely buttocks.  The implants come in several sizes so we can select one that will be in balance with the rest of the body.  Muscle implants are performed on an outpatient basis with short recovery time.

Buttock Augmentation with Buttock Implants and Fat Grafting

The Brazilian Method: If you are among the thousands who have a flat shape to your buttocks or no shape at all, now you have a viable option - Buttock Augmentation with Implants (previously only fat transplants to the buttocks were available and results were often sub-optimal).

This procedure which is very popular in Brazil and other South American countries is available in the U.S. through a select few surgeons. Dr. Zachariah is one of them. Having made several trips to medical centers in Brazil when this technique was then fairly new, Dr. Zachariah gained first-hand experience in this unique procedure which has a high degree of patient satisfaction. Dr. Zachariah is perhaps one of the most experienced surgeons in this field.

The Brazilian method for buttocks augmentation hides the surgical scar in the crease between the buttocks. The recovery time is usually one week at the end of which the surgical drains are removed. You are able to walk starting the night of, or the day after, surgery. This procedure is typically done under local anesthesia and with minimal sedation.

Pain is very minimal. The implants cannot be felt as they are placed under the gluteal muscle. If you have flat buttocks, or flat and wide buttocks or long, flat and thin buttocks, you can attain a sensuous and graceful contour with this unique procedure.

The results of this procedure are sometimes enhanced with simultaneous liposculpture of the "saddlebags" and "haunch" areas of the hips and also any hanging lower parts of the buttocks as well. The harvested fat is then used to optimize the shape and size of the buttocks by micro fat grafting or by fat injection. This is sometimes referred to as Brazilian Butt Lift or Brazilian Butt Augmentation.

Calf Augmentation with Calf Implants

Some are just born with skinny legs. Some get skinny legs through mishaps of disease such as polio or trauma from accidents. Some have "bow-legs" or "chicken legs. Some are gals, some are guys.

Because calf muscles are the most difficult muscles to develop even with the most strenuous workouts, many people just refrain themselves from wearing skirts or shorts to avoid embarrassment of thin or uneven calf muscles.

If this is the case with you, it can be helped with a popular procedure that augments the contour of the calf and lower legs with implants. The scars are hidden in the natural skin crease in the "crook" of the knees and become difficult to see over a period of time. The implants themselves cannot be felt because of their soft consistency and because they are placed under the fascia(covering) of the calf muscles.

The recovery time is about a week. Workouts are not recommended for a few weeks after your surgery. You are able to walk within a day from your surgery. This procedure is typically done under local anesthesia.

Dr. Zachariah is one of the most experienced surgeons in this field.

Male Chest Augmentation with Pectoral Implants

Are the hours of workouts not producing the pecs you desire? A surgical procedure called pectoral augmentation may be the one for you.

Specially designed pectoral implants (pec implants) are placed underneath the pectorals muscle via a small incision hidden in one of the natural skin creases present in the arm pit.

This procedure gives instant gratification with minimal discomfort.

This procedure is typically done under local anesthesia and with minimal sedation.

Your down-time is usually 3 days. Pain is minimal. Workouts are held off for a few weeks.